Westportif Training Plan Week 8



Back in the driving seat again for two weeks. We hope you are managing to keep yourself motivated. You should be feeling very confident about cycling fitness at this stage. Even if you not, keep trying to make the sessions because when you are cycling with a group on the day, they will get you through. Remember that you can stop halfway for a break with as much tea and muffins as you get in (well we have to balance to pain/pleasure scales somehow). Remember just one more build week after this and then we take it easy and prepare for the main event.

Remember not to worry if you cannot make every session every week. If you are short for time then definitely try to get in at least one long weekend ride at the weekend and then 1 or 2 other shorter rides of one hour in duration during the week. If you can do the shorter rides on consecutive days that is ideal.

Take some photos of your training rides and please send them into westportif@gmail.com or tweet them using the #westportif.

  • Week 1: Build
  • Week 2: Build
  • Week 3: Build
  • Week 4:  Recovery
  • Week 5: Build
  • Week 6: Build
  • Week 7:  Recovery
  • Week 8: Build
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  • Week 10:  Recovery/Westportif Event

Week 8 beginner plan for 80K route:

RestBase ride 1 hr 20 min including 1 x 20 min tempo, 10 min coreRestBase 1 hr 20 minRest2 hr 15 m ­Base ride  including 2 x 25 min efforts (15 min tempo, 10 min threshold)1hr 30min base spinning ride, 15min core

What do the various Training Levels mean?

This effort is around 5 out 10. It should feel fairly easy and be manageable for a long duration of exercise. You should be able to hold a conversation.

This effort is around 7 out of 10. It should feel fairly hard but manageable for medium length efforts, it will be used often in the plan.

This effort is around 8-9 out of 10, used in short to medium length intervals and will form an important part of the plan.

10-10 maximum efforts only held in short bursts to build your high end speed.

Don’t spin in the big ring on the front of your bike. Always stick to the bottom ring if you have two or the middle ring if you have three rings. This will increase your cadence (leg speed), using cardio not muscular effort.


  1. 3 x 5 to 10 push ups (If you are starting off try 5 reps.)
  2. 3 x 5 to 10 sit ups  (If you are starting off try 5 reps.)
  3. 3 x 10 to 20 seconds plank  (If you are starting off try 10 seconds.)

Building up your core strength is important in helping you become a better cyclist. Don’t neglect it.

We will be back with more training advice over the coming weeks so check out www.westportif.ie.

Happy training
The FitScience Team