Weekly update from our Westportif warrior

Sunday 14th June
Got up early this morning to do my cycle. I am going to the Mayo versus Galway game later in the afternoon so want to get it done. My aim was to do a 35km cycle this morning. The weather was dull with a slight breeze (It got warm pretty quick as I started cycling!).

The route I took was (Long!) mainly flat with a few big hills in it. I felt I was really pushing it in parts and I arrived home with the 35km done in 1hr 20mins. I was feeling really good and happy with myself that I had got out of bed to go (It always feels better when you get home!). I had a recovery shake and after a shower some scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes and headed for Galway.

Tuesday 16th June
There will be no cycling today. Unfortunately a pre-existing knee injury has flared its ugly head. When I woke yesterday morning, my knee was all swelled. I don’t know if all the standing around at the Mayo game was too much for it after the cycle. Maybe I should have rested it more after the cycle but that’s the trials and tribulations of been a Mayo football fan! It’s disappointing. The physio has told me I need to rest it and see how it is later in the week.


Thursday 18th June
It’s not a good week for me! I thought I might be back on the bike today but I twisted on my ankle stepping off a ladder yesterday at work. Feeling slightly disheartened. I have a physio appointment for Monday evening so we’ll see what he has to say.

Monday 22nd June
Went to the physio this evening after work. He has recommended that I wait until Wednesday evening to give it time to recover and then to go for a shorter cycle to make sure it doesn’t aggravate the injuries.

That’s my update for this week. I’m feeling pretty disappointed with this week but feeling hopeful that I’ll be getting back in to the swing of things on Wednesday and push on I suppose. Where this is a recovery week for some people, this is a week I feel that I’ll have to maybe try and catch up. I might contact the lads in FitScience and see what’s the best thing to do, or else, just do last week’s training plan instead of the short spins. I feel I had an unplanned rest week last week, with not getting out at all, so maybe I’ll do last week’s training plan this week and weekend.

So hopefully this week will be better for me. I’m planning to get out Wednesday evening, Friday evening and possibly Saturday/Sunday morning.