Recovery 101 – Nutrition advice


Our nutrition partners for Westportif NutriSci have provided some useful advice around the area of recovery.

  1. Every time we do any physical activity we break down muscle. This is what allows our bodies to become stronger, faster and gives us more stamina.
  2. There are two main types of muscle fibres, fast twitch and slow twitch. Slow twitch is what gives us size and strength. Slow twitch fibres are made stronger by resistance exercise such as weight lifting. Fast twitch muscle fibres give us explosive power and endurance. Fast twitch muscle fibres are made stronger by doing cardiovascular exercises.
  3. Glycogen is our muscles main source of energy. Every time we exercise, our muscles burn glycogen as the preferred muscle fuel source, but our natural ability to store glycogen is very limited.
  4. Without adequate levels of glycogen our performance is decreased, fatigue sets in quicker and recovery will take longer.
  5. The fastest way to replenish glycogen levels is to take a simple carbohydrate drink immediately after a training session. In fact studies on cyclists have found that glycogen synthesis was 45% slower when a carbohydrate solution was given 2 hours post exercise versus immediately after.
  6. In order to recover as quickly as possible our bodies also require high levels of protein, to re-build muscle as quickly as possible.
  7. NutriSci Recovery is a sports supplement which contains high levels of Proteins and Carbohydrates.
  8. NutriSci Recovery also contains vital vitamins and minerals to prevent de-hydration.
  9. Hydration is massively important. Even if your body is 3% de-hydrated, performance is decreased by 19%!
  10. The amount of water we should take in a day is approximately 35ml for every kg of body weight.
  11. Who is NutriSci Recovery recommended for:
    – People involved in team sports.
    – Endurance athletes.
    – Anyone after a heavy weight/gym session.
    – After any activity where you may have perspired more than usual.
    – Anyone who feels they need a recovery drink.
  12. How often to take it and how much:
    After every training session. The recommended dose is one scoop for every hour of exercise (for example: one hour one scoop, two hours two scoops etc.).

Remember, by taking a product high in both protein and carbohydrates means that your body can recover as quickly as possible, so you can be ready for the next training session as quickly as possible!