Weekend Warrior diary update – nearly there!

Tuesday Evening: It has been a busy week with family commitments but I am determined not to miss any more training sessions. I downloaded a new App to motivate me! I done 28km this evening and my new App proved its worth when it showed up a few PBs at various stages on the particular route that I take. Done a 10km out to Ballyvary and was well warmed up for the next 8km stage of hills between Ballyvary and Manulla with 10km back to Breaffy again.

Thursday Evening:
Another PB for me. I am delighted with my improvement in cycling and mainly fitness. I rememberwhen I started cycling (a few weeks ago!) doing 14km in 47mins. It’s a nice feeling going in to the final weeks knowing that your efforts are beginning to show. Done a 20km quick sprint (for me!) out to Ballyvary and back in 45mins.

Saturday Evening: I was in Galway for the day and nearly talked myself out of cycling this evening. I’m definitely more of a morning cyclist – get up and go and don’t have time to talk yourself out of it! Luckily, I had arranged to do this evening’s cycle with one of my mates, Tom. We cycled to Swinford and back, cycled approx. 52km in 1hr 57mins. I was really happy with the cycle and our average speed, I felt good, although there always seems to be a headwind when you are cycling back on the N5. To make sure to practice all aspects of the Westportif, we stopped halfway for an energy bar food stop!

Really feeling positive about the whole thing now, although I know I am not quite there yet. I feel I made up for my injury week but that we are a little bit behind in where we wanted to be because of that week/two but I wonder is anyone happy with how much they have done. Hoping to do 60/65km this weekend and then hope to get by on a wing and a prayer!