Training advice from FitScience – Nutrition strategy


Nutrition strategy – have one & stick to it

Having mentioned pacing yourself in order to preserve your energy, it’s just as key to have a proper nutrition strategy in order to give your body the fuel it needs to keep going, and hopefully make that energy supply last as long as possible.

The key is to eat and drink little but often. Always have two bottle cages on your bike (with two full bottles in them) and as a rough guide, you should be aiming to take on 60 grams of carbohydrate every hour during a long ride. Try to avoid sampling new energy products on the day of the event however, as your stomach may not take too kindly to them.

Use your training rides to work out what energy products work for you. Most sportive riders will opt for a combination of specially designed energy products, such as gels and bars, and more conventional high-energy foods such as flapjack and bananas.

Pretty much all events have feed-stations, but don’t leave it to chance – always ensure that, if required, you are able to be self-sufficient. You may well be thankful for the extra couple of energy gels in your back pocket should you feel the dreaded ‘bonk’ coming towards the end of a ride.

Don’t forget: if it’s a hot day you’ll need to take on even more fluid than usual too.

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